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Many of you have already experienced the positive effects of herbal medicine on your health. We hope that through our program and our blog posts, you will get tools to play an even bigger role in your own well-being. However, please note that due to legal constraints and time constraints, our staff can not provide you with personal health advice.We invite everyone to discuss health-related topics in public and private forums, message boards or blog posts and to provide their own ideas and experiences. However, the comments of users of the site are subjective. While we do our best to provide useful and accurate information, you are responsible for researching and verifying information before you are inspired. we are not doctors. However, we will recommend or suggest medicinal herbs for various health problems because we believe in the safety and effectiveness of botanical medicine. The information we provide is not intended to replace medical treatment. Please consult your health care provider before using any herbal medicines, especially if you have a known medical condition or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You are responsible for your own health. As with conventional medicine, herbal medicine is vast and complex and must be used responsibly. People react differently to different remedies. Some herbs are contraindicated with certain pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, some useful herbs can be confused with harmful and/or deadly substances.There are many plants and fungi that can make you sick or deadly toxic. Be 100% of your identification before harvesting a plant or mushroom. In addition, sometimes a new food, even if correctly identified, can cause an unusual reaction, ranging from gastric intolerance to generalized allergy. It is your responsibility to make sure you harvest the right plant or mushroom and choose to try a new food. We can not be held responsible for incorrect identification or reactions to plants or fungi.You are responsible for your own choices. This includes, but is not limited to, ingestion, application or any other use of alcohol or any toxic, toxic or allergenic substance.


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