Arogya (Perfect Health) is the state where five elements of human body viz. Fire, Water, Ether, Earth and Air are at equilibrium. Diseases in human body occur when the equilibrium is disturbed. India’s rich heritage gave science of Ayurveda, origins of which can be traced back to 5000 years ago. Ayurveda in Sanskrit means ‘Ayur’- ‘Life’ and ‘Veda’- ‘Knowledge’, i.e. “Science of Life”. Ayurveda strives to tackle the cause of illness rather than merely alleviating the symptoms. It works on the ideology that a healthy individual is not only one who is free from illness, but one whose mind, body and soul are in complete alignment, with all organs functioning at optimum level. No doubt, Ayurveda is one of the few systems of natural alternates developed in ancient times that is still widely practiced in modern times. After centuries of research, Ayurvedic science has been proven to be effective and a complement to modern Allopathic medicine with no side effects.


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